The Perpetual Spirit of More Standing Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Nature, Health and Organic for sustainable operation of animal industry. Our Conviction is to create more value and benefits for the customers.


Company Profile
1. 有機礦物質合成,以提高生理與代謝機能,降低飼養礦物質污染;
2. 微生物發酵,以優化腸道微生物,提高消化吸收,減少營養排放與臭氣;
3. 微乳化精油,以抑制腸道有害菌、促進免疫,提升機能及表現;
4. 功能性成分設計,以滿足高密度、高緊迫、高效率生產營養需求;
5. 整合技術服務,以有效解決飼料配方、農場管理問題,提升經營生產力。
Since established in 1983, More Standing Enterprise Co., Ltd. has focused on research to improve health and performance of livestock and poultry. With the rise of global food safety awareness, the ban of antibiotics in animal production has become a challenge for producers to meet the demand of healthy consumption.
To support our customers, 5 technical platforms have been established,
1. Synthesis of organic minerals for improvement of physiological and metabolic functions with lower mineral pollution from animal feeding;
2. Microbial fermentation for optimum of intestinal microorganisms with better digestion and less nutrient excretion and odor emission;
3. Micro-emulsification of essential oils for pathogen inhibition and immune activation in intestines with enhanced biological functions and performance;
4. Formulation of functional ingredients to meet the needs of high density, high stress, and high efficiency of animal production;
5. Integrated technical services to effectively solve problems such as feed formulation, farm management, and disease control for better productivity.
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